Welcome to Little Sai Wan Golf Society.

The Little Sai Wan Golf Society was established in 1964 and promotes good golf and good fellowship around the game.  The Society plays approximately once per month, usually at the Hong Kong Golf Club facility in Fanling, and also plays occasional events against other Golf Societies plus a long standing annual fixture against the Big Sai Wan Golf Society, usually in Thailand.

The maximum handicap for member is 18, and at any one time there are usually about 70-80 members.


Eddie Lopes Trophy 2022



Weather held up surprisingly well despite rain on and off and the event was completed with no issues.


Mark Cameron was the overall winner with a superb 40 pts.  Second place on countback despite being cut 3 shots was Terry Wright with 35 pts.  Best Front nine was Patrik Sundvisson on 21 pts (who had the worst back nine with 9 pts).  Best back nine with 17 pts was Francis Lai. 


Raaj Shah won low gross with a six over 76. 


Keenest golfer went to Simon Hague with 23 pts.  He also won shot of the day (worst) with a shot from 18 fairway on Eden to near the 18th green on the Old Course.


Best guest was won by Paul Correia with 34pts.


Sharpshooter went to Nick Lock (+2 on the six par 3s) – there were 5 people at that number, prize awarded to the highest handicap.


Three people had 2’s (Raaj Shah, Vance Lee and Chris Ivany (G).


Finally the team competition was won by  Vance Lee and 2 guests (Andy Ho and Chris Ivany).  The team competition was stableford total of the best score on par 3s, best 2 scores on par 4s and best 3 scores on par 5s.  Was a tight comp with two teams at 72 pts and one team at 71 and one at 70. 






Mark Cameron

Runner Up

Terry Wright

Best front 9

Patrik Sundvisson

Best Back 9

Francis Lai


Raaj Shah/Vance Lee/Chris Ivany(G)


Nicholas Lock

Best Gross

Raaj Shah

Team Event

Vance Lee/Chris Ivany (G)/Andy Ho (G)

Keenest Golfer

Simon Hague

Best Guest

Paul Corriega

Shot of the Day

Simon Hague (nearly hitting Old 18th green from Eden 18th fairway)


Thought for the Day

“One reason golf is such an exasperating game is that a thing we learned is so easily forgotten, and we find ourselves struggling year after year with faults we had discovered and corrected time and again." – Bobby Jones.

Society Rules

Given the suspension of the 2021 AGM and the creation of the working group to review the Society including the current rules, there seems no reason to propose a change to the current rules at the reconvened AGM.  Instead the necessary changes to the Rules...

Overseas Clubs with LSW or BSW members

Please find attached a list of clubs around the world where LSW or BSW members have memberships and have indicated a willingness to invite other LSW/BSW members to play there if visiting. If any members wish their clubs to be added to this list, please contact the...

Requirement for payment notification and proper scorecards

Our June 2nd event coincided with the AGM and a committee meeting at which various points were discussed, amongst others relating to matches. At this competition we had a large number of players who had not sent their payment confirmations through to both the match...

Golf’s New World Handicap System Designed to Welcome More Golfers

20 February 2018, St Andrews, Scotland and Liberty Corner, N.J., USA: The way golfers around the world will calculate their handicaps is set to be transformed by a new system developed by The R&A and the USGA, with key features designed to provide all golfers with...