The Society’s Match Play Championship runs throughout each calendar year.  Rules for the 2022 event and the current standings in this year’s event are shown below.  The final results of previous years can be accessed by clicking the icons at the bottom of the page.


Rules for 2022 Match Play Event (Jan-Dec 2022)


  • The competition will be open to all members of LSWGS
  • The format will be a knock –out competition played over a  12 month period commencing in January 2022
  • The 1st Round draw will be made by the Captain of LSWGS, and overseen by the Match Secretary .
  • It is expected that one round of the competition will be completed before the designated deadline.
  • The first player drawn in each pairing will offer 3 dates and golf course venues to his opponent. The proposed dates should be spread through the month if possible, in order to allow the opponent a reasonable choice. The venue for the match can be in any location, but reason should again prevail.  
  • It is permissible that matches can be played at Fanling in one of the regular LSWGS monthly golf days, however, a request should be made to the Match Secretary prior to the date.
  • If any pairing are unable to agree on a suitable date and venue, both names will enter a draw made by the Competition committee to establish who proceeds to the next round. This  draw will ONLY TAKE PLACE FOR 1st ROUND MATCHES. For  subsequent rounds, the first player listed in the match will proceed if the opponent cannot agree to the dates.
  • All green fees, caddies fees, buggies, locker room charges, etc. will be paid by each LSWGS member.
  • The individual matches will be played with full handicap difference applying.(GHIN index)
  • Trophies and prizes for Winner & Runner – up.