The Society runs events approximately monthly.  Almost all are held at the Hong Kong Golf Club Fanling, with one being held at Kau Sai Chau and an annual match in Thailand.  On the Eden and the New Courses, the Committee recently decided to vary the tee boxes being used.  For the Old Course (being relatively short) it was agreed to always use their back (Black) tees.  Details of forthcoming events are shown below.  Previous events (and a write up of each event) is available under the past events selection.


August 09/08/2021 Eden 08.04 Eddie Lopes Trophy 2021 Stableford
September 28/09/2021 Old 12.04 Cathay Pacific Trophy 2021 Stableford
October 19/10/2021 New 12.04 Challenge Cup 2021 Stroke Play
November 22/11/2021 - 26/11/2021 Thailand Ryder Cup vs BSW - Thailand Match Play
November 28/11/2021 North Course 12.02 PGA Cup Stableford
December 20/12/2021 New 08.12 LSWGS Championship 2021 Stroke Play


JANUARY 11/01/2018 Old (Black) 8.04am Slazenger Trophy Captains Choice
FEBRUARY 08/02/2018 Eden (Blue) 8.04am The PGA Cup Stableford
MARCH 09/03/2018 KSC North 9.00am Masters Stableford
MARCH 22/03/2018 New (Black) 7.24am President’s Trophy Presidents Choice
APRIL 20/04/2018 Old (Black) 8.04am Rob Henderson Trophy Stableford
MAY 24/05/2018 Eden (Blue) 8.04am Jens Munk Trophy/Champion Cup Stableford/Stroke Play
JUNE 14/06/2018 New (Black) 8.04am The Heritage Cup Stableford
JUNE 25/06/2018 Macau GCC Blue Tees 10.40am LSW vs HKFC Singles
JULY 06/07/2018 Old (Black) 8.04am Tiger Cup Bogey
AUGUST 02/08/2018 Eden (Blue) 8.04am Eddie Lopes Trophy Stableford
SEPTEMBER 13/09/2018 New (Black) 8.04am Cathay Pacific Trophy Stableford
OCTOBER 11/10/2018 New (Blue) 8.04am Stroke Play Challenge Cup Stroke Play
NOVEMBER 01/11/2018 Old (Black) 8.04am Dave Edwards Memorial Medal Stableford
NOVEMBER 26/11/2018 - 30/11/2018 Thailand 24th Asian Ryder Cup 20 vs 20
DECEMBER 13/12/2018 Eden (Black) 8.04am LSWGS Championship Stroke Play
JANUARY 24/01/2019 New (Black) 9.32 onwards 2019 Slazenger Trophy Captain's Choice
FEBRUARY 27/02/2019 New (Blue) 8.04am 2019 PGA CUP Stableford
MARCH 21/03/2019 New (Black) 8.04am 2019 President's Trophy President's Choice
APRIL 04/04/2019 Eden (Blue) 8.04am 2019 Rob Henderson Trophy Stableford
MAY 02/05/2019 Old (Black) 8.04am 2019 Dave Edwards Memorial Stableford
MAY 23/05/2019 Old (Black) 8.04am 2019 Jens Munk Trophy/ Champions Cup Stableford/Stroke Play
JUNE 20/06/2019 Eden (Black) 8.04am The 2019 Heritage Cup Stableford
JULY 04/07/2019 New (Blue) 8.04am 2019 Tiger Cup Bogey
AUGUST 22/08/2019 Eden (Blue) 8.04am 2019 Eddie Lopes Trophy Stableford
SEPTEMBER 19/09/2019 New (Black) 8.04am 2019 Cathay Pacific Trophy Stableford
OCTOBER 16/10/2019 Old (Black)) 8.04am 2019 Stroke Play Challenge Cup Stroke Play
NOVEMBER 08/11/2019 KSC North 9am The Little Sai Wan Masters 2019 Stableford
NOVEMBER 18/11/2019 KSC North 9am 2019 LSW vs HKFC Singles Matchplay
NOVEMBER 25/11/2019 - 29/11/2019 Pattaya 25th Asian Ryder Cup Match Play
DECEMBER 20/12/2019 Old (Black) 8.04am 2019 LSWGS Championship Stroke Play
January 17/01/2020 Eden (Blue) 08.04 Slazenger Trophy 2020 Captain's Choice
February 13/02/2020 Old (Black) 08.04 PGA Cup 2020 Stableford
March 11/03/2020 New (Black) 08.04 President's Trophy 2020 President's Choice
May 11/05/2020 New (Black) 08.04 Jens Munk Trophy / Champions Cup Stableford/ Stroke Play
May 29/05/2020 New (Blue) 08.04 Dave Edwards Memorial 2020 Stableford
June 02/06/2020 Old (Black) 08.04 The Heritage Cup 2020 Stableford
June 17/06/2020 Old (Black) 08.04 Rob Henderson Trophy Stableford
June 26/06/2020 Eden (Black) 08.04 Tiger Cup 2020 Stroke Play
July 17/07/2020 Old (Black) 08.04 Eddie Lopes Trophy 2020 Stableford/ Stroke Play
September 30/09/2020 New (Black) 08.04 Stroke Play Challenge and Cathay Pacific Trophy 2020 Stableford/ Stroke Play
October 19/10/2020 Macau GCC Blue Tees 10.40 HKFC vs LSW 2020 Singles Matchplay
November 20/11/2020 KSC North 09.00 LSW Masters Stableford/ Stroke Play
December 11/12/2020 Old (Black) 08.04 LSWGS Championship 2020 Stroke Play
19/01/2021 Slazenger Trophy 2021
08/02/2021 New PGA Cup 2021
05/03/2021 North
22/03/2021 Old President's Trophy 2021
20/04/2021 Old Rob Henderson Trophy 2021
April 24/05/2021 New 8.04 Dave Edwards Memorial 2021 Stableford
June 15/06/2021 New Course Jens Munk Trophy / Champions Cup Stableford
June 29/06/2021 Old 12.04 The Heritage Cup 2021 Stableford
July 12/07/2021 Old 08.04 Tiger Cup 2021 Stableford
July 30/07/2021 East 09.00 Slazenger Cup 2021 Stableford