Match Play



Hong Kong Football Club vs Little Sai Wan


On Monday June 25, 2018, Hong Kong Football Club and Little Sai Wan, two of the oldest and most storied golf societies in Hong Kong, met for their fourth annual event at the Macau Golf and Country Club. Terry Wright, HKFC captain, carefully selected his team based on an historically successful strategy of selectively bribing members of LSW, who were also members of HKFC, to play for HKFC. Funds exchanged in executing this strategy are currently unknown, but rumoured to be quite large, and are now subject to ICAC investigation.  HKFC had never lost in this prestigious event with two wins and a draw. JP Cuvelier, LSW team captain, built his team around a highly selective, extremely analytical, two-month process to pick those LSW golfers who matched effectively against the expected HKFC behemoth.


On match day, in a brilliant motivational move, Captain Cuvelier, announced that each team would have a beer bitch for the return trip to Hong Kong based on the worse match play score.


And then the games began.

YB Rai shot a stellar 2 under gross to take down HKFC No. 1 Johnny Brock 4 and 3. LSW 1 HKFC 0.

In a dazzling display of match play excellence, Jeremy Porter handled reigning HKFC golf champion Dallas Reid 2 and 1, despite Mr. Reid receiving 2 strokes and posting a 2 stroke better gross score.   LSW 2 HKFC 0.

In a brief glimmer of hope for HKFC, Terry Wright defeated Jim Costello 4 and 3. LSW 2 HKFC 1.

But then the floodgates opened. Ryan Black defeated Bill King 2 and 1. LSW 3 HKFC 1.

Andre Kreisel thrashed Duncan Spooner 5 and 3. LSW 4 HKFC 1.

Notker Schimd crushed Matthew Burke 6 and 5. LSW 5 HKFC 1.

JP Cuvelier halved with Andrew Wood despite Mr. Wood violating course rules by playing lift, clean and place. In a sportsmanlike, but totally irrelevant act, Captain Cuvelier choose to ignore Mr. Woods violation of the rules of golf. LSW 5.5 HKFC 1.5.

Sandy Mackintosh defeated Tom Hayden 4 and 3. LSW 6.5 HKFC 1.5. Match over!

Noel Prentice, after being down 5 after 8 holes, halved with Gordon Marsden. LSW 7 HKFC 2

Lorenz Zimmerman defeated Ian Petersen 2 and 1. LSW 8 HKFC 2.

Will Glover defeated Owen Davis 2 and 1. LSW 9 HKFC 2

Final score LSW 9 HKFC 2. LSW lost one match with two halves.


Noel Prentice, LSW team member and sports columnist for the SCMP, described the match as one of the most dominating performances he had witnessed in his 20+ years covering sports in Asia.

In the after-dinner award ceremonies, a shell-shocked HKFC Captain Wright, with obvious difficulty, graciously composed himself and awarded the trophy to LSW Captain Cuvelier.


Note to beer bitch in future matches, do not purchase Macau Beer.


Sandy McIntosh


YB Rai vs Jonny Brock                            LSW         4&3

Jeremy Porter vs Dallas Reid                  LSW         2&1

Jim Costello vs Terry Wright                    HKFC       4&3

Ryan Black vs Bill King                           LSW          2&1

Andre Kriesel vs Duncan Spooner          LSW          5&3

Notker Schmid vs Matt Burke                  LSW          6&5

JP Cuvelier vs Andrew Wood                  All square

Sandy McIntosh vs Tom Hayden             LSW          4&3

Noel Prentice vs Gordon Marsten           All square

Lorenz Zimmerman vs Ian Petersen        LSW         2&1

Will Glover vs Owen Davis                       LSW         2&1

Match to LSW 9/2

DATE: 25/06/2018
FORMAT: Singles
TEE OFF TIME: 10.40am