November is definitely the time to play golf in Hong Kong.  Pleasant temperatures, low humidity, and lovely blue skies are the norm and that is what we were blessed with.


The course was in excellent condition if you ignore the fact that all the fairways are ripped to pieces by the wild boar that some woke tree huggers refuse to allow to be shot and barbecued.  They even destroyed the grass right next to the putting green in front of the club house, and had the cheek to actually carry on doing it as our van left for the ferry after the prize giving.


For some reason there was a possibly historically low turnout from members for this event.  Shame on all those who did not make it who missed a really lovely day’s golf in perfect conditions.  Luckily we managed to round up 11 guests to play with the 13 members who did actually make it and clearly everyone enjoyed the outing.


The team event for this outing was the yellow ball format although the complexities of Golf Genius  were too much for either JP or myself to understand regarding the yellow ball so the system tried to give the prize to Will Glover’s team.  As they blew their yellow ball into the jungle on the 5th they were pretty confident that they had not actually earned the prize and it was re-allocated to ??


Scoring by and large was not good despite the conditions with 5 of the 13 scores being in treble figures.  So much for the elite level of LSW golf!  The prize was awarded for an 81 scored by Felix Hamilton pipping my 83.  Makes up for him losing to me at squash last week!


However in the net stableford main category there were 2 very respectable scores with Ikeda hitting 36 stableford points to come runner up, only beaten out by  Mathes who scored a very respectable 39 stableford (and a gross of 80 so basically winning that too).  Congratulations on a great round.


At the other end of the spectrum the keenest golfer award went to Engle for his grand total of 20 points.  Strangely he decided to depart before the prize-giving.  More willing to face the music and general scorn from his fellow golfers was Martin Rinderknecht who claimed shot of the day for his soaring hook off the first tee that consigned his team’s yellow ball to oblivion on its very first appearance out of the box.


A mention should also go to Randy Bishman who managed a very creditable 32 points on his recent release from quarantine.


Best guest (which with 11 entrants was probably the most fiercely contested ever) went to Soederberg with a solid 33 stableford points.


Other prizes were as follows:-


Best front 9 – Will Glover

Best back 9 – Randy Bishman

Near Pins. – Craig Chapman (7) /Paddy (14)/Bailey

Long drives – Handicap 0-10 Dallas (yes you are reading that right)(8)/ Felix Hamilton (17)

                       Handicap 11-18 Ikeda (8 & 17)

Sharpshooter – Dallas (1 under par for the 4 par three’s)

2’s                  – Dallas


Next event, the LSW Championship on the 6th December, a stroke play event off the blue tees on the New Course.  Hopefully perfect weather again.  See you all there.



Dallas Reid (unwilling deputy event organizer)




Runner Up

K. Ikeda-Thew

Best front 9

Will Glover

Best Back 9

Randy Bishman

Near Pins

Craig Chapman/Paddy Bailey

Long Drive

Dallas/Felix Hamilton/K. Ikeda-Thew x 2





Best Gross

Felix Hamilton

Team Event

To be confirmed

Keenest Golfer


Best Guest


Shot of the Day

Martin Rinderknecht

DATE: 28/11/2021
FORMAT: Stableford
COURSE TEE BOX: North Course
MONTH: November