Tiger Cup 2020




Our third competition in June was also our first stroke play competition of the year. Last year we got rained off competing for the Tiger Cup and at some stage during the competition it looked as if this might happen again, albeit not so. A record turnout of 36 golfers consisting of 29 members and 7 guests competed for the exciting prizes on offer, not the least for the $900 that were carried over from our last event, where nobody managed to shoot a 2.  

Fantastic to see Tiku Patidar and Chris Williams back as members and Misch Mathes playing as a new member for the first time. Our guests, as always, were a great addition to the field, many of which again expressed interest to join the society. John Mefford won the Best Guest prize on a Net 70, displaying a fantastic drive and some very good putting.

On the members side, Kuch and Vance had their charitable moment, deciding not to compete for prizes by not sending in their payment slip in on time. I guess they will not be as forthcoming the next time around. In match play, Joe McNeil, playing for the first time in the society this year, beat Vance Lee on countback, certainly a very tight match. Well done, Joe.

Altogether, 5 members had their first appearance this year, some of them doing very well. They must have been meditating a lot over the past months.

As always, some lapses occurred in setting up the teams. Group 1 had three Johns in it, and you will easily imagine the conversation after the question: How many Putts, John? Should have put John Harris in that group too, in hindsight.

In the keenest golfer competition, Martin Clinch took revenge against John Harris with John winning  this coveted prize at our last event. Once again on countback, John unfortunately narrowly missed out and had to concede to Martin. Kuch was the second runner up in this category.

In the team event we were not able to award the keenest team prize this time, as we are unfortunately running out of the popular titanium balls. In case anyone has a bag full of exciting giveaways to replace the golf balls sometime in the near future, do let me know. Questions were asked why we needed to apply a handicap to a team putting competition. The theory goes, that the better golfers are usually also the better putters. Here is the statistic for our society from this event, showing course handicap vs. putts. It is, well, all over the place. I rest my case.


We still had a winner in the Team Putting Comp, or rather two, on a very good 51 putts. The numbers guys will see the results in the excel file.

The shot of the day was won by Notker, displaying his excellent pool playing skills on the 17th. A good tee shot with a 6 iron (just kidding, he used the driver) on to the green and the ball jumped once, twice and then against the flagstick for Nearest to Pin, catapulting it back towards the flag where it stopped one inch short of the hole. Well done Notker but we would have loved you more if it had gone in. 

The two’s purse was very attractive this time as we did not have a winner at our last event. Apparently, quite a few players had already put this in their budget, so it was not surprising that we had a total of 7 two’s by 7 different players. A meager $340 per player.

The lowest gross score was again recorded by Raaj with 77 shots, 3 shots clear of the next best player. 

Runner Up in the stroke play competition was Jukka Hakli with a net 70, despite having been cut by one shot for a prior win. A very good result. 

Our winner of the day also on 70 points and winning on countback, was our old and new member Chris Williams. Congratulations to him. The applause he received reminded me a bit of Boris Becker in his Wimbledon Debut. 


JP, nice socks 😊




Chris Williams

Runner Up

Jukka Hakli

Best front 9

JP Cuvelier

Best Back 9


Near Pins


Long Drive

YB x 2/Shelly/Boothby



Best Gross & Least Putts


Team Event

Teams 7 & 8

Keenest Golfer

Martin Clinch

Best Guest

John Mefford

Shot of the Day


EVENT NAME: Tiger Cup 2020
DATE: 26/06/2020
FORMAT: Stroke Play
COURSE TEE BOX: Eden (Black)