Tiger Cup 2021




In our 4th round on Old Course this year we had yet another good turnout of 26 members and 6 guests. We would have had even more members playing, had it not been for another final played in the early hours on the same day. Thankfully, this occasion only occurs every 55 years so we should expect to see a full field again at our forthcoming events.

With the yellow ball competition having turned out to be rather costly at our last event, the team competition this time was Italy vs. England to honor the occasion. Needless to say, Italy won convincingly 6:2 without a penalty shootout.

Meanwhile, the shot of the day went to a fine gentleman with the report presented by Terry Wright:
“Steve Rowlinson clearly inspired by the Scottish Open and clad in tartan trousers stepped onto the 8th tee of The Old Course. St Andrews – No. Despite his best intentions and careful preparation, the long straight tee shot he visualised never arrived and instead the ball flew off the heel of his driver to the front left edge of the fairway. Not able to attack the green as he normally would Steve was forced to lay up with his 2nd shot which conservatively settled 115yds from the front pin on this brutal par 4. Unperturbed Steve eyed the pin and took aim as his playing partners waited with bated breath. The ball soared majestically as if laser guided towards the defenseless pin. Pitching a mere 4ft in front of the hole it continued its journey at what looked like perfect holing speed to enter the left side of the hole. Did it drop for the magnificent birdie Steve deserved I hear you ask? In a cruel twist of fate, the ball after entering the left side of the hole wrapped round the back of the hole without ever touching the pin. At its lowest point 3/4s of the Ball was below the surface of the green only to complete its lap of the hole and pop out to come to rest 2 inches from where it just entered the hole moments earlier. Terry and Vance on the green unable to believe what they had just witnessed had to relay the sad news to Steve that despite missing out on what would have been birdie of the day he could content himself with a pretty amazing 2 inch tap in par after such a horrible crappy tee shot. And those are the days of our lives!😂”

The keenest golfer prize went to a new contestant this time, who is usually found a little higher up on the leaderboard. After scoring 10 points on the front nine, Misch probably thought that a prize is better than no prize and was delighted to receive a new sleeve of fabulous golf balls accompanied by the customary watch and an electronic appliance sponsored by Grundig, aka JP.

Front and Back Nine were won by Brad Kirk and Roger Best, both on countback and Nick Gikas and Stephen Ahmoye happily shared the two’s purse. Brad Jacques and Nigel Farmer will go out for a nice dinner together sharing $200 for the Sharpshooter prize whilst the Lowest Gross went to serial winner Stephen Ahmoye. We decided not to spend more money on a photographer but rather use the same photo we used at our last event.



Nick Gikas played a great round finishing runner up on very strong 36 points. The winner of the Tiger Cup 2021 is Todd Hooper, who scored a fantastic 39 points with a net 75. Well done to Todd, who had this in the making for quite some time. 

For those who are interested in statistics, the median score of our members at the Tiger Cup was 31 stableford points off the Black Tees, 2 points higher than at our last event which we had played off the Blue Tees.

Our next competition, the Slazenger Cup, will be held on the East Course on July 30th from 9am. We only have 6 flights at KSC because of their overload. Do note that you are only allowed 4 games per calendar month at KSC and society events also count towards those 4 events. Invitations will follow shortly.

See you all on July 12th




Todd Hooper

Runner Up

Nick Gikas

Best front 9

Brad Kirk

Best Back 9

Roger Best

Near Pins

Ahmoye x 2/Farmer/Zimmermann/Jacques

Long Drive



Brad Jacques/Nigel Farmer



Best Gross


Team Event

Italy (6-2 – No penalties required)

Keenest Golfer


Best Guest

G. Aicher

Shot of the Day

Steve Rowlinson (lipping out on 115 yard approach shot)

EVENT NAME: Tiger Cup 2021
DATE: 12/07/2021
FORMAT: Stableford